the inception of

It has been three years since seven local Fineart print service providers across all states of mind met for the first time in Berlin to exchange information about the rapidly progressing industrialization process in the image industry.
More and more standardized and mass-produced “art” is conquering the market.

But how can it be ensured that the diversity of materials and surfaces just recovered with digital image production, the new forms of presentation and the highest quality standards that can be achieved remain in the consciousness of the young generation?

The partners quickly realized that many problems are shared, that communication from different perspectives and with different skills leads to constructive food for thought. \
And that volunteering could develop into a long-term investment in your own future.

This gave rise to the vision of strengthening Berlin as a center of art with a joint appearance, concentrating and disseminating the knowledge about the image presentation and giving the industry a voice over industry. This novelty would be a great enrichment for everyone regardless of the competitive situation.

The  Association of Specialist Laboratories e.V finally emerged from these ideas in mid-2018.

A specific aim of this association is to produce a larger proportion of the exhibitions presented in Berlin here. The fine art print itself and the art location Berlin in particular should be strengthened internationally.

The important added value of an association includes its ideal values:

The association has set itself the task of being an ambassador and contact person at the highest technical level for all questions relating to fine art print.
It not only offers networks of various services from large format scanning, to printing, lamination, framing, to art transport and exhibition hanging.

The members see themselves primarily as researchers at the interface between industry and artists. Because artists in particular need reliable partners who keep their minds free from technical conditions and parameters.

The proximity to the artists as the actual innovative actors is a decisive advantage. This proximity is also of great interest in industry. For you, is the first contact person from direct practical use and with cross-manufacturer experience. This helps to improve products, to create new products or to develop strategies.

The offer of the association includes:

  • Presentation and localization of the comprehensive competence in all questions of image production and presentation
  • Training on topics such as material variety / selection, print preparation, hanging, lighting, etc.
  • Cooperation with universities and training companies Providing and arranging internship positions
  • and of course support for exhibitions
    For this year we are planning our first international photo competition with a subsequent exhibition and will support it with production grants as prize money – will thus become an ambassador for the good image.

The association presents itself with its competencies at schools, colleges and universities in order to sensitize the younger generations of artists and photographers to the haptic experience of fine art papers, to the “object-like” and long-lasting nature of paper works. In addition, advice should be offered that explains current options and techniques, illuminates conservation aspects and helps in the preparation of exhibitions.

By passing on the knowledge, the association strengthens the entire service standard of the industry.

As we have big goals – every journey begins with a first step.

The founding members of include the laboratories d’mage, recom-art, jam-fineartprint, viertelvor8, termdruck and dasfoto.

You can reach our website at