Networking with the partners

An association is only as good as its network.
For this reason, we are in the process of bringing along not only the best fine art print studios but also all related trades that are necessary for art production.
At such a network meeting last Monday we invited the framers to get to know each other and share experiences at On the one hand, it was very nice to finally get to know long-term business and cooperation partners outside of day-to-day business, and there were also very quick expert discussions on overarching topics of cooperation: how long should inkjet prints be at rest before they are processed, what is the best packaging for a sensitive print to suit the following work steps, how can a comprehensive quality control be organized sensibly and effectively.

Such an exchange not only serves to improve your own workflow, it also helps the customer, in particular, to ensure perfect quality even under time pressure and with the least downtime.

The network partners of will of course also present themselves on our website in the next few weeks. More events will follow.