Every amount helps us to achieve our goal

With the money of our members and our donors, we finance, among other things, the additional training of our seminar leaders.

One of our main goals is to increase the awareness of art, education, materiality and vision to the new generation.

The association introduces itself to schools, colleges and universities in order to encourage the youth to pause in the flood of images in the digital age. We teach young artists and photographers to become sensitive to the materiality and experience of the FineArt papers and digital production.

Paper material consumes a lot of water and resources during the production process. The association wants to create an awareness of the preciousness of the resources, sustainable practices, and the resulting preciousness of our material.


Also our earth has a value.
She is the world in which we live in.


20% from each donated Euro flows to a conservation project with a mission to preserve our earth for posterity.