We have the most beautiful profession in the world and would like to inspire you too.

To volunteer:

We look forward to help in the office.

If you enjoy communicating with people, and if you are a committed, smart person, we would look forward to hearing from you!

If you have educational experience and like working with children and young people in workshops, we would look forward to hearing from you!

If you like working with pictures and paper, we would look forward to hearing from you!

If you want to be a part of our team, we would look forward to hearing from you!


Internship offers

In our network of specialized photo labs, there are many different possibilities to complete an internship.

Please contact us with an application. Send us your latest references, and a text about you and your hobbies, about your motivation, and everything you think we should know about you.

We offer Short-term student internships  ( for students 14 – 15 years old ) under specific conditions. Because we work with very precious and delicate materials, we only select the best of the best for short-term internships.

All other internships have a minimum duration of 6 weeks. If you have to prove a year’s internship to get a school place at a technical college, contact us with an application as described above.

All our labs are looking forward to your internship applications!


Seminar leader and workshop leader

Pädagogische Mitarbeiter mit handwerklicher Vergangenheit, oder mitreißende Quereinsteiger mit Freude an unseren Werkstoffen, mit Leidenschaft, und mit dem Wunsch, die Welt ein kleines bisschen besser und anfassbarer zu machen, sind herzlich willkommen, uns bei der Umsetzung unserer Ziele zu unterstützen.
Wir bereiten Euch ausführlich auf Eure Aufgaben vor.