first TechTalk about “fineart-lamination” tries to deepen the knowledge about all finishing processes of the picture production by an open and intensive exchange of experiences. A first TechTalk – a new form of event for the association, in which users and manufacturers of the respective products exchange their experiences, problem solutions and wishes, ideas and plans far from marketing presentations. Our first meeting with film and adhesive manufacturers showed that this concept leads to extremely exciting discussions and insights for both sides.

The manufacturers Neschen, Filmolux and Zenith met with the Fine Art Print Laboratories in the gallery Freiraum für Fotografie and exchanged application experiences. The direct insight into the workflow and the requirements of the print studios was particularly interesting for the manufacturers. In contrast to industrial use of laminates, a whole roll is rarely processed in one piece in the fine art print laboratory. The special requirements due to frequent material changes and also different backing and cover materials make the strengths and weaknesses of certain material combinations particularly clear. These experiences are very helpful for both sides.

In the open and pleasant atmosphere of conversation, a joint working group was spontaneously founded, which will take care of other aspects of the use of laminates. More on that in a later post.

We look forward to further events of this kind and look forward to the next TechTalk in February 2020 on the subject of “printing technology”!